GEN 3.4  Communication and Navigation services

1.   Responsible service

1.1  The Aeronautical telecommunication and navigation facility services in Albania are provided by ALBCONTROL, Air Navigation Services of Albania.

ALBCONTROL Air Navigation Services of Albania CNS Department P.O. Box 8172 Rinas, Tirana Albania

Tel:+ 355 4 4522345

Fax:+ 355 4 4522345


1.2  The services are provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO documents:
1.3  Differences from ICAO standards, recommended practices and procedures are given at GEN-1.7.

2.   Area of responsibility

2.1  The aeronautical telecommunication services are provided for the entire Tirana FIR.
2.2  All en-route telecommunications (air-interpreted navigational aids and communications) services, together with those services at Tirana aerodrome, except where otherwise identified in the AIP, are provided by ALBCONTROL.

3.   Types of service

3.1    Radio navigation services
3.1.1  The following types of radio aids to navigation are available:
  • VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR);
  • Distance-measuring equipment (DME);
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS);
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR).
3.1.2  The tolerances of radio navigation facilities are in accordance with the provisions of ICAO Annex 10.
3.1.3  Radio navigation facilities are regularly flight-checked and calibrated by ALBCONTROL.
3.1.4  Radio navigation facilities will not be available for navigational purposes during the maintenance period.
3.2   Aeronautical mobile/fixed service
3.2.1   Aeronautical mobile service  Aeronautical mobile service facilities are provided to meet the air/ground communication requirements of the Air Traffic Services described in the AIP and emergency services.  Air/ground facilities in Albania will communicate with aircraft on frequencies within the aeronautical mobile service which has been allocated to the band 118 to 136.975 MHZ.  The aeronautical stations maintain a continuous watch on their stated frequencies during the published hours of service unless otherwise notified.  An aircraft should normally communicate with the air-ground control radio station that exercises control in the area in which the aircraft is flying. Aircraft should maintain a continuous watch on the appropriate frequency of the control station and should not abandon watch, except in an emergency, without informing the control radio station.
3.2.2   Aeronautical fixed service (AFS)  The following Aeronautical Fixed Services are provided:
  1. The operational telephone network for use by ATC and supporting operational services;
  2. The administrative telephone network for use by authorised agencies connected with air traffic operations;
  3. The Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) and Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS), for the exchange of messages between aeronautical fixed stations within the network.  Messages of authorised categories can be accepted at designated stations for transmission on the AFS. The rules and procedures for handing of communications on the AFS are contained in Annex 10, Vol. II, Chapters 3 and 4.
3.3   Aeronautical Broadcasting service
3.3.1  The aeronautical broadcast service provides broadcasts which contain meteorological, navigation and aerodrome information. Details of these broadcasts are given in the AD Part.
3.4   Language to be used in air-ground communication
3.4.1  The air-ground radiotelephony communications shall be conducted in the English language.
3.4.2  The English language shall be available, on request of any aircraft, at all stations on the ground serving designated aerodromes and routes used by international air services.
3.4.3  The Albanian language may be used locally, exceptionally for particular information or to describe unusual situations, or in case of an emergency.
3.5   Where detailed information can be obtained
3.5.1  Details of the facilities available for the en-route traffic can be found in ENR 4.
3.5.2  Details of the facilities available at the individual aerodromes can be found in the relevant sections of AD Part.
3.5.3  In cases where a facility is serving both the en-route traffic and the aerodromes, details are given in the relevant sections of ENR and AD Parts.

4.   Requirements and conditions under which the communication service is available

4.1  The requirements for the mandatory carriage of radio and transponder equipment are contained in the Civil Aviation Regulations of Albania. The main provisions are published in GEN-1.5.

5.   Miscellaneous

5.1   Aeronautical Fixed Services: AMHS/ AFTN
5.2   Aeronautical Fixed Services: Telephone