GEN 4   Charges for aerodromes/heliports and air navigation services

GEN 4.1  Aerodrome/heliport charges

1.   Landing/take-off and handling of aircraft

1.1  Maximum permissible take-off weight allowed as specified under the regulations of the State in which the aircraft is registered.

Domestic and international flights

Max. Take-off Weight (tons)Landing and Take-offBase Ground Handling
StartsEndEUR EUR
6080 6501320
80 100 7001470
100 120 8001570
120 9001670

2.   Parking of aircraft

Max. Take-off Weight (tons)Parking Charge per 24 hours
6080 140
80 100 150
100 120 170
120 200

3.   Cargo handling and lighting

Max. Take-off Weight (tons)Cargo Handling ChargeLighting charge
6080 30455
80 100 30490
100 120 30560
120 30630

Note: Cargo handling charge for the first 100 kg is EUR 30, then EUR 0.03 per additional kg.

4.   Passenger service

4.1  A passenger service charge shall be paid for each departing passenger who leaves airport through the passenger terminal EUR 10 for each person over the age of 12 and EUR 3 for children aged from 2 to 12 years old. This charge is included in the price of each ticket.
4.2  Crew members, infants less than 2 years old and transit passengers using the terminal building for reason of technical landing are exempted from the taxes.

5.   Security charges

5.1  Security charge amounts to EUR 4 for each departing passenger. Crew members and infants less than 2 years old are exempted from security charge.

6.   Other

6.1  Communication service charge is EUR 25 for each landing aircraft.
6.2  Border crossing tax is EUR 10 for each passenger.

7.   Noise related items

Not applicable.

8.   Exemptions and reductions

8.1  The specification prescribes that the following flights will not be subject to the aerodrome charges:
  1. Humanitarian flights authorized by the appropriate competent body;
  2. Search and rescue flights authorized by the appropriate competent body;
  3. Flights performed exclusively for the transport, on official mission, of the reigning Monarch and his/her immediate family, Heads of State, Heads of Government, and Government Ministers. In all cases, this must be substantiated by the appropriate status indicator or remark on the flight plan;
  4. Medical flights authorized by the appropriate competent body;
  5. Flights performed exclusively for the purpose of checking or testing equipment used or intended to be used as ground aids to air navigation, excluding positioning flights by the aircraft concerned; and
  6. Military flights performed by military aircraft of any State.
8.2  Specific information concerning the Airline Incentive Policy (subject to periodic changes) may be obtained from the Tirana International Airport (TIA) website at:

9.   Methods of payment

9.1  Landing and parking charges levied at daily rates are payable at the time the aerodrome is used via POS or, in the case of regular users, as per contractual terms signed between the two parties.