ENR 2.2  Other regulated airspace

Lateral limits
Vertical limits
Class of airspace
Unit providing serviceCall sign
Languages used
Area and conditions of use
Hours of service
Freq/ PurposeRemarks
Lateral limits: The airspace of Tirana FIR/Tirana CTA as described in ENR 2.1 is part of SECSI FRA.

Vertical limits: FL660/FL195

Class of airspace: C
See also Index Chart in ENR 6.2 - 1
Tirana ACC within Tirana AoRSee ENR 2.1See ENR 2.1For aeronautical data describing SECSI FRA lateral and vertical limits outside Tirana FIR consult AIP Austria, AIP Bosnia and Herzegovina, AIP Croatia, AIP North Macedonia, AIP Serbia and Montenegro and AIP Slovenia.