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Statutory obligations

You must comply with all requirements imposed by law which requires that the pilot in command of an aircraft must not commence a flight if he or she has not received evidence, and taken such action as is necessary to ensure, that the pertinent NOTAM information and the latest editions of the aeronautical charts and other aeronautical data published in AIP Albania that are applicable to the route to be flown are carried in the aircraft and are readily accessible to the flight crew.

Protection of personal data

Please be informed that in order to use the Integrated Web Briefing you should provide the personal data such as name, e-mail, password, address, and phone number.

Upon providing the personal data you expressly give your consent to the processing of such data by ALBCONTROL.

Archiving documents, including those that contain personal data, is consistent with applicable regulations, including the Law No.9887 of March 2018 on the protection of personal data.

The regulations in this respect defines, among others, how to handle documents and classification and their archiving period.

Please be informed that ALBCONTROL shall forward the personal data solely to the relevant authorities conducting the investigation of accidents and serious incidents.