GEN 0.6  Table of contents to Part 1

GEN 1  National regulations and requirements

GEN 1.1 Designated authorities

GEN 1.2 Entry, transit and departure of aircraft

GEN 1.3 Entry, transit and departure of passengers and crew

GEN 1.4 Entry, transit and departure of cargo

GEN 1.5 Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents

GEN 1.6 Summary of national regulations and international agreements/conventions

GEN 1.7 Differences from ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures

GEN 2  Tables and codes

GEN 2.1 Measuring system, aircraft markings, holidays

GEN 2.2 Abbreviations used in AIS publications

GEN 2.3 Chart symbols

GEN 2.4 Location indicators

GEN 2.5 List of radio navigation aids

GEN 2.6 Conversion tables

GEN 2.7 Sunrise/Sunset

GEN 3  Services

GEN 3.1 Aeronautical information services

GEN 3.2 Aeronautical charts

GEN 3.3 Air traffic services

GEN 3.4 Communication and Navigation services

GEN 3.5 Meteorological services

GEN 3.6 Search and rescue

GEN 4  Charges for aerodromes/heliports and air navigation services

GEN 4.1 Aerodrome/heliport charges

GEN 4.2 Air navigation services charges